School Meals

At Oatlands School we encourage children to learn about eating a healthy diet. In class, children cook, explore and taste a wide variety of foods. We see lunchtimes as a very important part of this learning. Our school meals are prepared on site by our own cook to meet dietary guidelines. Children having school dinners, sit in small groups and are served with their meal by our older pupils. We expect good table manners and encourage children to try all the foods on their plate, especially the vegetables! If your child requires a special diet we are happy to cater for them. From September 2014 all pupils at Oatlands are entitled to free school meals. (UIFSM)

Children may also choose to bring a packed lunch. We expect parents to pack a healthy meal, with no sweets, chocolate bars or fizzy drinks. Oatlands promotes sustainability and we encourage drinks and sandwiches to be brought in re-usable containers.

We require 2 weeks notice, in writing, should any child wish to change from having a cooked lunch to a packed lunch and vice versa. Only one change per term is allowed.

Water is available for all children at lunch times and throughout the day. All children are provided with a free mid morning snack of fruit or vegetable from the Fruits for School Scheme

Please explore the links below to find out more about the School Lunches provision within Surrey including nutritional and allergy information for many of the meals available in school.

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