This Week's News

Friday 17th March

Dear Parents and Carers,

What a happy end to the week we had with children and staff wearing their funny hats and ready to tell a joke. The day got off to a flying start with all classes managing to have taken part in the ‘Drumbathon’ by 11:30am. There was an amazing atmosphere in the hall and it was wonderful to see our Reception children being supported by School Council. A huge thank you to everyone for taking part and for your generous donations.

For as long as I can remember the PTA have run an annual MAGs market, where children can go to the hall to choose a gift. This year the PTA came up with a new idea to keep costs down whilst making the gift more personalised. Each year group went to the hall and were supported by Daddy’s and Grandpas to create their special gift. We were so pleased with how the event went and hope you enjoy opening your gifts on Sunday. A huge thank you to the PTA for organising another successful event.

Our Reception children are looking forward to visiting Bushy Tail Forest School next week for their first school visit of the year. I am sure they will have a wonderful time exploring the outdoors and being together for their first coach trip!

We hope you have an enjoyable weekend and look forward to seeing you on Monday for another exciting week at Oatlands.

Tanya Mooney


Key Dates for Last 2 Weeks of Term

Monday 20th                          Bumblebee Class-Forest School

Tuesday 21st                           Ladybird Class-Forest School

Wednesday 22nd                   Butterfly Class-Forest School

Friday 24th                              9:15-10:00 Leopard Class Assembly

Thursday 30th                         9:15-9:45 Easter Assembly – Reception Parents

Thursday 30th                         14:30-15:00 Easter Hat Parade – Children only

Friday 31st March                  Last Day of Term School Closes 1:00pm


Reception visit to Bushy Tail Tribe Forest School

Our reception children will be visiting Bushy Tail Tribe Forest School next week (Bumblebee Class – Monday 20th, Ladybird Class – Tuesday 21st, Butterfly Class – Wednesday 22nd) Please refer to the email we sent at the beginning of the month for details of what to wear and bring on the day.  The forecast is not great for the beginning of the week so wellies and waterproofs are essential.


Easter Hats – Thursday 30th March

As is tradition at Oatlands, we will be inviting all children to bring in a decorated Easter hat on Thursday 30th March.  We will then enjoy a whole-school Hat Parade to celebrate their creativity.  This event is for the children only, but will be filmed and shared via Tapestry and Class Dojo.  Please do not bring hats into school before this date as they cannot be stored safely and we would hate for your wonderful creations to be ruined. 


Easter Assembly – Reception Parents

Our Easter assembly is taking place on Thursday 30th March at 9:15 and is for Reception parents only.  You will appreciate that with 270 children performing their Easter songs it is quite a squeeze. We therefore ask that only one family member attend. Younger siblings are welcome but we do ask that you quietly take them out of the hall if they become noisy during the performance. Pram and pushchairs will need to be left outside.


Sickness and Diarrhoea

We have had quite a few children off school over the last few weeks with sickness and/or diarrhoea.  So that we can stop these nasty bugs from continually spreading around school we must ask that you strictly adhere to the school policy of keeping your child off school for 48 hours after the last episode of either sickness or diarrhoea.  We appreciate your cooperation.


Parenting Puzzle

Parenting Puzzle Elmbridge are running some new parenting courses.  For more info please see their leaflet in Letters and handouts.


Elections – Use of school as a polling station

We have received confirmation from Elmbridge Borough Council that they will be using the school as a Polling Station on Thursday 4th May and therefore school will be closed to children on that day.



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Comic Relief Jokes!

Butterfly7 Butterfly Class

 Why was 6 scared of 7?...Because 7 ate 9!

 Ladybird7 Ladybird Class

 What do elves learn at school?...The Elf-a-bet!

Bumblebee7 Bumblebee Class

 How do bee's comb their hair?... With a honeycomb!

Seahorse8Seahorse Class

What key opens a banana?...A monkey! 

Starfish9Starfish Class

 What do you call toilet paper on the loose?...A roll!

 Jellyfish10 Jellyfish Class

Why did the dog jump in the fire?...Because he wanted to be a hot dog!

 Lion16 Lion Class

What do you call a person without a  body or a nose?...Nobody knows!

Tiger9 Tiger Class

 What did the snake learn at school?...Hissssstory!

Leopard8  Leopard Class

 Where do cow's go on holiday?...Moo York!