Outdoor Learning

At Oatlands, we recognise the benefit that outdoor learning brings to all children. The opportunities for children to explore, problem solve and be independent outside the walls of a classroom link closely to our school’s values. It gives children a chance to appreciate the world around them, work cooperatively with others and have the freedom to explore the wider environment in order to help develop healthy and active lifestyles.

All classes in the school have access to their own ‘veranda’ area, enabling outdoor learning to be a integral and daily part of their learning environment. All curriculum areas include planned opportunities to use the outdoors whether it is bug-hunting in science, map-making in geography or inventing potions in English! 

In addition, each class has termly ‘Outdoor Learning’ days when the children spend the entire day at the school field and woodland area engaging in 'wild' learning and forest school activities. These are hugely popular days with both children and teachers alike and really help to bring learning to life.

We have recently developed a disused area of the school grounds into a ‘Values Garden’.  This is a multi-functional, outdoor learning space which can be used for a range of activities including practical gardening and growing projects and small group 'calm' activities such as reading and sketching.