Mental Health and Wellbeing

Working together to strengthen the emotional wellbeing and mental health of our children and their families has always been as important to us at Oatlands School as academic growth and development.  Recognising the importance of maintaining a healthy mind has never been more critical than in recent times as our children, families and staff alike have had to learn to cope with new pressures, anxieties and concerns which have changed our processes, routines and expectations both in and out of school.  

ZoR Logo3Currently we are working with children in all classes using an intervention designed to give them a concrete way of identifying their emotions and strategies for self-regulation. These are called 'Zones of Regulation'. To find out more, click on the logo to the right.



Within these pages you will find links to many other resources and techniques that we use to support your children in school as well as information about external agencies who can offer advice and support with your own mental health and that of your children, family and friends.  

Click on any of the logos below to access specific websites and/or organisations who can support and advise you on a range of Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing issues

Download the documents at the bottom of the page for additional resources.



Mrs Matthews - Nurture Lead

In order to meet the growing pastoral needs of our children and families we have appointed Mrs Mathews into the new role of ‘Nurture Lead’. Her role will include:

  • Continuing to deliver ELSA and 'Drawing and Talking' programmes along with Mrs Fry across the school.
  • Providing pastoral support for children across the school.
  • Being a listening ear for parents.

Mrs Matthews is happy to offer support and advice on a wide variety of issues such as:  

  • Changes in home circumstances (bereavement, separation, divorce,financial challenges).
  • Worries about your child’s behaviour at home and/or at school
  • Concerns about your child’s mental health or emotional response to home/school challenges

Please contact Mrs Matthews at to arrange to meet, or just have a chat and off load.

She will also be working closely with Debbie Watts our Home School Link Worker who is great at signposting family support.

MindworksSurrey The central hub for young people, parents, carers and professionals to access help and advice on mental health and wellbeing issues.  Please also click HERE for Mindworks quick guides to recognising and dealing with common behaviours and issues.

CAMHS Mindsight Surrey CAMHS is the health and social care partnership for children and young people with mental health problems and learning disabilities living in Surrey. The service provides targeted and specialist support services for children and young people, to build on their well-being and resilience and to reduce the chances of their condition becoming more serious.


National Sleep Helpline The Sleep Charity has launched a National Sleep Helpline for anyone affected by disrupted sleep.  This is a particularly useful resource for parents whose children have sleep issues or who would like some advice on how to ensure healthy sleep patterns for themselves and their family.  See the poster linked below for more information.

HappyMapsHappyMaps website is a single hub of reliable, up-to-date and professional advice on mental health problems in children and young people. It covers many common problems including anxiety, self-harm, tics, gender dysphoria, ADHD, eating disorders, suicidal thoughts and much more. It also has a pre-school section for issues such as sleep, behaviour, and fussy eating.


elsa support  Resources used in school by our Emotional Literacy and Support Assistant (ELSA) to help children navigate through their emotions and encourage better mental health.



mhf logoA foundation with a mission to help people understand, protect and sustain their mental health.  Host of Mental Health Awareness Week.


ChildrensMentalHealthWeekLink to a 'Place2Be' a children’s mental health charity providing counselling and mental health support and training to parents, carers and in UK schools, using tried and tested methods backed by research.




Anna FreudA charitable organisation working with children and families to ensure that they are supported effectively to build on their strengths and to achieve their goals in life.