The OSCAR (Oatlands School Care and Recreation) Club offers wrap around childcare to children from Oatlands School. We are very lucky that Oscar Club is run by Oatlands School Staff who are well known to your children and can ensure the same high standards of values based care before and after school as you have come to expect during the school day.  

Parent2Oscar Club is open every school day from 8.00am to 8.50am and 3.00pm to 5.30pm.  Fees, payable online, in advance are £5 for the morning session £12 for the after school session. OSCAR is NOT a breakfast club so children will not be offered any food before school.  

Morning sessions are open to all pupils in all year groups. Afternoon sessions are open to all full-time pupils.

LouisChildren are escorted to class when the bell rings in the morning and are collected from class (or after any after-school activities) at the end of the school day to go to OSCAR.

OSCAR club is able to take a maximum of 30 children in the morning session and 50 children in the afternoon session. We are well aware that the number of spaces available at OSCAR is insufficient given current demand and while we would dearly love to be able to increase the number available, we cannot due to the space available in school. Oscar Club spaces are offered on a first come first served basis and we will do as much as we can to accommodate everyone however with 270 children in school, we cannot guarantee that you will always get the sessions you need. 


Booking a place at OSCAR

** Please be aware that Oscar Club is currently FULL with a waiting list so we are NOT taking any NEW Registrations for the rest of this academic year **

In order to use OSCAR Club you must first register for SCOPAY in order to view the availability of OSCAR Club sessions, book and pay for them online. Registering for SCOPAY does not guaranteed you a space at OSCAR.  It simply gives you the facility to book and pay for spaces if they are available.

If you have a child starting school in Reception in the next academic year (September 2023) and would like to use OSCAR Club, you will be invited to register with SCOPAY in JULY.  You will NOT be able to register, book or make any payments prior to this.  

To find out more about how to register and for full terms and conditions, please look at the links and documents below.  Information regarding fees and payment options can be found within the terms and conditions.

Contacting OSCAR club

Manager, Kelly Matthews

tel: 07903 653778

email at oscar@oatlands.surrey.sch.uk

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