Parental Support

Oatlands School works closely with many external agencies to ensure that all school families are able to access the information and support they need.  We also enjoy strong relationships with other Local Authority organisations who offer Family Outreach services to help with such things holiday activities, children's workshops and community events.

On this page you will find links to some of these organisations, details of how they can help and how to contact them.


family learning logo    Surrey County Council offer an amazing range of courses for parents and carers. They are all free and all online (see list below). Click the 'Family Learning' logo to the left for more information and all the details you need to book.

Maths courses and phonics workshops

  • Understanding Education in England Workshop Online (Zoom) Friday 28/01/2022 13pm 
  • Phonics for EAL Families Online (Zoom) Friday 11/02/2022 13pm
  • Read with your child workshop Online (Zoom) Friday 21/01/2022 1pm
  • Understanding Phonics (non EAL) Workshop Online (Zoom) Wednesday 02/02/2022 10:30am

Parenting Courses

  • Explore Behaviour Strategies Online (Zoom) - Starting Wednesday 02/02/2022 1pm (2 sessions)
  • Explore Behaviour Strategies Online (Zoom) - Starting Thursday 27/01/2022 7.30pm (2 sessions)
  • Help Your Child Manage Anxiety Online (Zoom) - Starting Thursday 10/02/2022 7.30pm (3 sessions)
  • Help Your Child Manage Anxiety Online (Zoom) - Starting Thursday 27/01/2022 10am (3 sessions)
  • Help Your Child Manage Anxiety Workshop Online (Zoom) - Saturday 29/01/2022 10am (1 session)
  • Help Your Child Manage Anxiety Workshop Online (Zoom) - Saturday 26/02/2022 10am (1 session)
  • Rainbow Fish Storytelling Workshop Online (Zoom) - Saturday 12/02/2022 10am (1 session)
  • Rainbow Fish storytelling workshop Online (Zoom) - Saturday 22/01/2022 10am (1 session) 
  • The Gruffalo Storytelling Workshop Online (Zoom) - Wednesday 16/02/2022 10am (1session)
  • The Gruffalo Storytelling Workshop Online (Zoom) - Wednesday 16/02/2022 1.30pm (1 session)
  • The Koala Who Could Storytelling Workshop Online (Zoom) - Saturday 05/02/2022 10am (1 session)


SFIS  Surrey Family Information Service

Click the SFIS logo to access the Surrey Family Information Service which provides free, impartial information and signposting for families with children aged 0 to 19 (up to 25 years for those with additional needs) in Surrey. Whether you are looking for some extra help discovering and accessing local events and activities for your child, or need to be pointed in the right direction when things aren't going so well and you need a bit of extra support, the information on their pages can really help.


Family Centres - Elmbridge

In conjunction with children's charity Spurgeons, Surrey County Council operate a small number of Family Centres in the local area.  These centres are located in communities where there are more families needing extra help to support their children to thrive.  For more information please visit SCC's main Family Centre page by clicking HERE or the buttons below for links to individual centres and the Spurgeons Charity.

Walton FamCentre logo

              3RA FamCentre logo  Spurgeons Logo             


Children & Family Health Surrey (School Nurses)

CFHSurreyLogoChildren and Family Health Surrey is the Surrey-wide NHS community health service for children and young people from birth up to 19 years of age and their parents and carers. Parents and carers at Oatlands School can expect to come into contact with them via the School Nurse and the Immunisation Team.  Details of the services they provide and opportunities to meet with them can be found below.

School Nurse: TBC.

Contact: Molesey Clinic 020 8979 6464 email:

Click HERE for an overview of the services offered by the School Nurse

Click HERE to link to the Children & Family Health Surrey website




Family Voice SurreyFamily Voice Surrey

Family Voice Surrey champions the needs and rights of SEND families in Surrey: families with children or young adults up to the age of 25 who have special educational needs, chronic illnesses, including mental health conditions or disabilities.  For more information, click on the logo to the left.



Citizens Advice Bureau