Oatlands is an Infant School in the North East of Surrey Education Authority with a published admission number of 90 children. Approximately 270 children will be on roll during the school year 2018/2019 aged four to seven. The children will be allocated classes according to age. There will be nine classes organised as follows:

  • 3 Reception Classes - age range (4 to 5 years)

  • 3 Year One Classes - age range (5 to 6 years)

  • 3 Year Two Classes - age range (6 to 7 years)

Admission to Oatlands

Applications for admission to Oatlands School are entirely managed by Surrey County Council (SCC) via their schools admissions team. Applications are made online. For 2019 reception starters, applications are accepted from October 31st 2018 until January 15th 2019. Please visit SCC's admissions pages to access the online application documents by clicking here.

SCC will offer reception places to applicants according to Oatlands' Admissions Criteria details of which are outlined in the document at the bottom of this page.

Prospective Parent Tours

In order to assist parents and carers make an informed decision we are delighted to be able to offer all our prospective parents the opportunity to visit the school.  This can be done by booking a place on one of our scheduled Prospective Parent Tours. These tours run during October and November to coincide with the application window opening.

Details of 2019 parent tours will be advertised here at the beginning of the 2019/20 Autumn term.  Please come back then for more information on dates, time and how to book your place. if you are applying for an in-year place, a tour of the school will only be arranged once a confirmed offer of a place has been made.


School Start Dates

Local authorities and schools must provide all children with the opportunity to join a Reception class in the September following their fourth birthday.  However a child does not reach statutory school age until the beginning of the term after they turn five years old.  In recognition that some parents will feel that their child is not ready to start school in the September after their child turns four, parents can request that their child attends Reception part-time until they reach statutory school age; or that the date their child is admitted to Reception is deferred until later in the same academic year, but not beyond the start of the summer term of the academic year for which a place has been offered.

However, Oatlands School Governors would wish parents to accept and follow current school policy on the admission of pupils, which is:

Fifth Birthday 2018/19       Commence School        Commence School Full Time
1st September - 31st December 2019 September 2019 September 2019
1st January - 31st August 2020 September 2019 - Part Time October 2019 (after half-term)


The policy is based on sound educational practice which has helped Oatlands’ summer born pupils to achieve KS1 SATs outcomes significantly higher than those achieved by both summer and spring born pupils nationally. Parents should take this view into consideration when selecting a school for their child. The Headteacher is happy to discuss the policy with any parent who is allocated a place at Oatlands.