Roles and Responsibilities

What can you do to help?

All Parents and Carers are encouraged to support the school in whatever way they can. One of the best ways is by becoming an active member of the PTA committee.

The PTA committee is composed of elected members, voted in at the annual AGM in October. Roles on the committee include:

  • Chair & Vice-Chair

  • Treasurer & Vice-Treasurer

  • Secretary

  • Fund Raising Co-ordinator

  • Quartermaster.


In addition the school requires each class to have at 2 Class Representatives (Reps) per class to liaise between the school and parents and a Class Rep Co-ordinator to support parents new to the Class Rep role. Further PTA roles include New Parent Supporter and Community Liaison Co-ordinator.

Further information about these roles can be downloaded below.


PTA Role Descriptions