Assessments and Reports

At Oatlands School we strive to ensure that the learning experience for all pupils is both effective and enjoyable. The following pages will give you an overview of how we achieve this.


Assessments and Reports

All our children learn and progress at a different pace throughout their time at Oatlands. Progress in learning is assessed continually by the classroom teacher and formally reported to parents at the end of each academic year.  When assessing progress, our teachers work within a framework which enables them to feedback to parents in a way that is both constructive and consistent.

The framework offers 3 standards in Reading, Writing and Maths against which each child will be assessed.  These are:

  • Working at greater depth within the expected standard (GDS)

  • Working at the expected standard (EXS)

  • Working towards the expected standard (WTS)


The documents below go into more detail regarding what our teachers are looking for in each subject area when they make their assessments about which standard best describes each child.

Please refer to these documents when reading your child's report.

Parents of children in Year 2 may also wish to follow this link CLICK HERE to the Standards & Testing Agency's national curriculum assessment results leaflet. The leaflet details what information you can expect to receive at the end of KS1 with specific regard to the SATs that Year 2 children complete each May. 

Please also click HERE to view Mrs Mooney's presentation regarding SATs in Year 2