Clubs and Activities

Extra Curricular Activities at Oatlands School


We are delighted to be able to offer a large selection of extra curricular activities to our Year 1 and Year 2 children each term.   

Please click on the logos below to access the information you need for the clubs you are interested in.  Unless specified, clubs are available to both Years 1 and 2.

 Monday       Tuesday       Wednesday       Thursday      Friday

 StreetDance2       SpanishY4       OurArtClubY1        OurArtClubY2       Choir y2    

   SpanishY3                                                        StreetDance y2              Lego Club2           MultiSports4


While these clubs are exclusively for Oatlands children and held on-site in our school, each is managed independently by the Club Provider. Should you have any questions about booking, waiting list spaces, prices, dates, etc, you should direct your enquiry to the Club Provider unless, as is the case with Choir, the Club Provider is Oatlands School in which case the Office Team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.  Contact details for each club can be found on their page which can be accessed by clicking their logo above.

When signing your child up for a club you are booking a space for the dates specified on the individual club pages (typically a 10 week block or a school term). If your child wants to continue past these dates you will need to re-register at the beginning of the next term/block. Please speak to the School Office or to the individual club provider if you need any more information.

Please also ensure that you have communicated any additional needs your child may have to the Club Provider and are aware of each club's safeguarding and emergency first aid procedures.