Computers, tablets and technology in general are becoming increasingly used within our school both to record and enrich learning.  We proactively teach ICT skills to our year 1 and Year 2 children as we believe a strong foundation knowledge and confidence in this area is imperative if they are to become independent and creative learners.  Links to some of the apps and websites we use in school and those suggested for additional resources to use at home can be found on the Online Learning Pages of this website.  

E-Safety Workshops 2023 

Key to the teaching in this area is ensuring that our children are using technology safely.  Every year we run a series of 'E-Safety' workshops for all members of the Oatlands School community; children, parents and staff in order to help everybody understand the importance of using technology safely. These are delivered by Online Safety experts Education Child Protection (ECP) Ltd (https://www.ecplimited.com) and are generously funded by Oatlands School PTA.  

The dynamic, high quality parent focused presentation provides parents with an insight into the wide array of apps, games and websites that children are using. This session is a ‘must’ for all parents whose children have any presence in the digital world.  The intention is to empower parents to keep their children safe when using technology. There are four areas covered in the parent session:

  • What children are taught about Online Safety
  • Latest trends of what children are doing online
  • The issues and dangers children face online
  • How we can make children safer online

Click HERE for access to the 2023 Parent Workshops running from Monday 6th February to Sunday 12th February 2023


Go to the bottom of this page to download the handouts from the 2023 Workshop after the course closes on 10th February 2023.

Searching Safely Online

Listed below are some suggested search engines targeted specifically at children and ensuring a safe searching environment.





Further E-Safety information

In addition, you might find some of the following information useful:

GOOGLE - Be Internet Legends

Childnet - Supporting Young People Online

Childnet - Keeping Under 5's safe online

Vodafone - Digital Parenting online Magazine 

O2 Online Safety Guide - https://www.o2.co.uk/help/online-safety

NSPCC - Share Aware

Please also have a look at these guides to specific apps and Social Media Platforms which you might find useful.

Using FORTNITE Safely

Using MINECRAFT Safely

Using SNAPCHAT Safely

Using TIKTOK Safely

Using ROBLOX Safely

Using YOUTUBE Safely

Using NETFLIX Safety

Using AMONG US Safely

Using POKEMON GO Safely

Using WHATSAPP Safely

Using FIFA 21 Safely

Checking In With Friends

Age Inappropriate Content

Top Tips for Children