Computers, tablets and technology in general are becoming increasingly used within our school both to record and enrich learning.  We proactively teach ICT skills to our year 1 and Year 2 children as we believe a strong foundation knowledge and confidence in this area is imperative if they are to become independent and creative learners.

Key to the teaching in this area is ensuring that our children are using technology safely. Listed below are some suggested search engines targeted specifically at children and ensuring a safe searching environment.




In addition, you might find some of the following information useful:

Childnet - Supporting Young People Online

Childnet - Keeping Under 5's safe online

Vodafone - Digital Parenting online Magazine 

NSPCC - Share Aware

Recently we have run an 'E-Safety' workshop for parents and carers of primary school aged children in order to help our parents understand the importance of using technology safely. Please see the presentation attached below for some practical tips on how you can support your child at home.

In light of recent reports about the 'MOMO Challenge' please find below links to useful documents about it and the social media platforms it is suspected to run on.

MOMO Challenge

Using SNAPCHAT Safely

Using YOUTUBE Safely