Online Learning Resources

Supporting your child's learning at home is hugely beneficial. It helps them understand that learning is something that can be done anywhere, not just in school and gives you a valuable insight into how and what they are being taught. It also gives your child the opportunity to show you what they have learned!

There are 2 website that we use a lot in school for which you should have individual log in details for and be accessing regularly.  They are:

PurpleMashPURPLE MASH - cross-curriculum activities for all year groups 


EspressoESPRESSO - cross-curriculum activities for all year groups

Below are some additional websites which can be used to support your child in their learning.

ICTGAMES - English and maths games

PHONICPLAY - phonics games

THINKUKNOW - e-safety resources

TOPMARKS -  educational games for all subjects

BBC BITESIZE - English, maths and science games for KS1.

PRIMARY HOMEWORK HELP - information and activities for all subjects