Values through Shared Activities


Year 1 Family Sports Morning. Held in July, each child worked with a family member on a range of fun sporting activities and skills. The tasks encouraged both adults and children to talk about and practice their values. Activities such as parachute, team games and races, as well as blindfolded obstacle courses helped us to think about the values of Trust, Co-operation, Fairness, Respect, Thoughtfulness and Honesty amongst others.

Working together is a very important aspect of our values work. The school gives parents the opportunity to work with their children in school on special activities or at special events. The children in Reception loved having their parents in to hear a values based story before having the chance to make their own version with Mum or Dad.

Following on from a Pupil Conference attended by  9 local schools a Values song called Better World was written by pupils and put to music by Gavin Greenaway. Pupils from each school came together to record the song which can be downloaded from iTunes. The song is also a firm favourite amongst the children and is used in assembly and special events.

Appreciating our environment and learning to care for our world is central to our values work. The school attempts to reduce, re-use and re-cycle as much as possible. To help children and their families to enjoy the natural environment Oatlands works with Surrey Wildlife to run an outdoor activities club. Children and their parents learn about the plants and animals that share our locality as well as learning ‘wild skills’ and having fun together.

Helping children with their maths is a challenge for many parents, as ‘things are done differently now’. Oatlands staff led an information session for parents who then had an opportunity to practice their new skills with their children in an afternoon Maths Games event.