Values through Family Art


The Values Tree was created in 2009 by the artist Martin Cottis and the pupils of Oatlands School. Constructed from re-cycled materials the symbols represent 14 of our values. They are being grasped by the hands of children to demonstrate their need to hold and practice values throughout their lives. The movement of the tree symbolises the ever changing world in which they live.

Our Values Wall Hangings were created in 2009 /10 by Years 1 and 2. Each hanging was created by a class and represents one of our values. Family members worked with children in our Family Art workshops to learn new techniques and create their own piece of art to be added to the hanging. Staff and Governors also created their own hangings of Appreciation,  Thoughtfulness and Love.

Our Values Tree Sculpture was designed and created by Karen Brewis with the help of the pupils, parents and staff in 2011. The tree constructed from wood and ceramics represents the developing lives of our children as they strive to learn and put into practice the values which as a school we stand for.

The symbols represent nine of our twenty two values. Each child made a leaf with the help of a family member and chose where to place it on the tree.

Our first Values Mural was created in 2012 by the artist Richard Gibson and the pupils, parents and staff of Oatlands School to celebrate the school’s 150th anniversary. Following a teaching session, children in Years 1 and 2 worked with a family member to create a clay tile based on our value symbols. The tiles were then cut, fired and glazed by Richard to create the ceramic mural. Children love hunting for their contribution to this beautiful work of art.

Our Year 2 entrance was further enhanced by the creation of another two Values murals in 2016. The murals are part of a triptych created by the artist Richard Gibson, alongside the pupils, parents and staff of Years 1 and 2. The third mural, completing the set, will be added in 2017.

The first mural depicting the sun and world symbolises our “Universally Positive” values whilst the second mural depicting water, the sun and a rainbow is symbolic of “Reflection and Silence”.