The curriculum in Years 1 and 2



Elements of human and physical Geography are either incorporated into each topic or dealt with as a separate subject. Work focuses on preparation for map work and through stories, photographs, artefacts, visits and visitors, children increase their knowledge and understanding of places and people and cultures locally, regionally, internationally and globally.


We hope that children will gain an understanding of the difference between the past and the present. Through comparison with their own experience, we gradually build up a sense of History and chronology of events. We aim to develop the skills they need to obtain information from books, pictures, artefacts and people.

Art and Design

Art crosses all curricular boundaries but it is also an important National Curriculum subject in its own right. We encourage children to look closely, to select and use a wide range of resources and materials correctly and to employ a variety of techniques in
practical work. They are also regularly exposed to the works of past and present artists and craft peoples from different cultures and traditions. We hope that all children will find enjoyment in creative art and feel able to express themselves in both two and three dimensional format.


As well as the weekly whole school singing sessions, all classes have regular music sessions when the children are actively involved in developing their skills with a range of percussion instruments. They are encouraged to appreciate and evaluate the work of composers and musicians, both past and present from their own and other cultures. Children in Year 2 may  join the choir if they wish. These children take part in local community activities. Children in Year 2 also have the opportunity to learn an instrument.