The curriculum in Years 1 and 2



At Oatlands we aim to make mathematics an enjoyable and relevant subject for all pupils. Children have opportunities to develop sound basic understanding and skills in number, shape and space, measure and data handling and are encouraged to use these skills when approaching problem solving and investigation activities. Teachers use
a  variety of approaches to teach mathematics including individual, small group and whole class work as appropriate. The school utilises a wide range of resources including the use of  software, books and games to support the learning of early mathematical skills. Above all we hope that the children will develop a positive attitude to mathematics and that it will be seen as an integral part of everyday life. We also encourage parents to join in with the children's mathematical learning by providing children in Years 1 and 2  with Maths Games to support their learning  at home.


We encourage children's natural curiosity in order to help them gain an understanding of the world around them. Children are introduced to a range of scientific skills and  knowledge through practical experiences.  Much use is made of their immediate environment including our own environmental area and pond.

Design and Technology

This subject encourages children to use their scientific knowledge for practical applications. This cross curriculum subject allows children to draw on knowledge from other curricular areas. In each year children will experience a range of materials, tools and techniques. They will be encouraged to design, make and evaluate a variety of artefacts.


We aim to introduce our children to the skills and knowledge necessary to become competent and confident users of a wide variety of technologies. Each class has access to a range of software, e. mail and Internet facilities, as well as cameras, recording facilities and floor robots. In addition to class based computers we have a computer suite, digital media and interactive white boards. Children are introduced to computer science including coding and are taught age appropriate internet safety.