Behaviour and pastoral care


The school has a Pastoral Policy which includes our procedures to deal with any incident of bullying. We aim to provide a safe and caring environment in which children are encouraged to build positive relationships with their peers and adults.

We encourage the development of self-control, good manners and appropriate behaviour by respecting the rights of others and trying at all times to put our values learning into practise. We try to ensure that any occurrence of anti-social behaviour is dealt with fairly through sanctions that have meaning to the child. Parents are kept informed and if the behaviour persists will be invited to discuss the problem with the Headteacher.

We welcome your co-operation and support. If, for any reason your child is unhappy at school or you have any concerns about your child, please inform the class teacher or the Headteacher immediately.

The school chooses to operate a Home - School Contract. This is made available at the induction visit and will be collected at the home visit.